Aaron and Sara Kennedy - Owners of The Chattahoochee Fence Company

Meet Aaron and Sara

Aaron and Sara Kennedy launched the Chattahoochee Stain Company officially in 2021. After years of running a successful fence company - serving customers across the Columbus, GA region, the couple responded to a need they saw in the industry and in the region.

After years of installing beautiful fences and decks, only to see many of them age poorly due to lack of upkeep by the property owner, Aaron and Sara were determined to find a way to help homeowners get the most out of their investments and to maintain the beautiful quality of the original wood structure.

One simple email started them on their path.

The idea was born to combine the best stain on the planet (which also happens to be environmentally friendly - which is a huge priority for the Kennedy's) with a superior process for pre-staining wood that ensures the best possible coating for the longest lasting and most protective finish. Instantly, they knew they had a winning idea.

The couple went all-in to develop a one-of-a-kind company which serves local homeowners and professional contractors alike. Selling the highest quality pre-stained wood at a price that is often better than much lower-quality products from big box stores like Home Depot is the result of their superior process and clever ingenuity.